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Natural diamond melee

  • Parcels in collection VS to I2

  •  Made-to-order qualities and sizes from collection VS to I2

 GIA natural diamonds

  •  Round and fancy cuts, up to 20 carats

Our production line of fancy match pairs

  • Half moons

  • Step and brilliant cut Trapezoids

  • Trilliants

  • Kites

  • Shields

Diamond layouts

  • Precisely picked and cut to match


Callibrated assortment of round brilliant gemstones

  •  Rubies, sapphires and emeralds
  • Certified and uncertified, up to 10 carats

Wide assortment of semi-precious stones

  • Round and fancy cuts

Break-out diamond melees

  • Our trained staff will sift and assort your parcels for you

Certified and uncertified diamonds

  • - All shapes and sizes
    -  Diamonds receive immediate offers and payment
  • Chipped or broken


Certified and uncertified gemstones

  •  Chipped or broken

Jewelry and estate

  • All diamond and gemstone jewelry

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Professional services

We provide an uncomplicated approach to liquidating client assets for accountants, attorneys, and estate trustees. Our evaluations are quick, and payment is immediate. 



We work with the best stone cutters in the nation to fix and recut diamonds and gemstones. This service is available to all
I. Morgenstein customers.